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Facts About the State Court of Oklahoma

Facts About the State Court of Oklahoma

State Court Oklahoma Explained:

The government system of the US State of Oklahoma is established and administered through the Oklahoma Constitution. The State government of Oklahoma is a republican democracy that is modeled after the Federal government of the United States.

Oklahoma’s state government possesses three branches: the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive branch. Through a distinct system of separation of powers (also known as checks and balances) each of these branches possesses a distinct amount of authority to act on its own. Some authority, through this system, is used to regulate other branches, and in turn, some of the authority is distributed to each specific branch.

The state government of Oklahoma is based in the capital city of Oklahoma City and the head of the executive branch is the Governor of Oklahoma. The legislative branch of the state is referred to as the Legislature, which consists of the Oklahoma Senate and the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The Oklahoma Supreme Court and the State’s Court of Criminal Appeals are Oklahoma’s highest court systems—both operated in the judicial branch of government.

The State court of Oklahoma is located within the judicial system of the state. The judicial branch of Oklahoma interprets the Oklahoma law and constitution; it is headed by the Supreme Court.

The judiciary branch consists of two courts of last resort, courts of limited jurisdiction, and courts of general jurisdiction. Additionally, the Oklahoma judiciary contains two independent courts.

 All judges and justices who operate in the judicial branch require appointment made by the Governor. Candidates within the branch must first go through a nominating process administered by the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission. This board selects three candidates to submit to the Governor for a single selection to the office.

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