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Facts About the State Court of Ohio

Facts About the State Court of Ohio

State Court Ohio Explained:

 The local government of the state of Ohio is comprised of three distinct branches—the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. The basic structure of the local government is set forth and established through the statutes and ordinances within the Ohio Constitution. 

The judicial branch of Ohio houses the State court system. The judicial branch of Ohio is headed by the Supreme Court, which possesses one chief justice and six associate justices. Each of these appointed officials is elected to a staggered six-year term. 

As is common with most judicial branches of local government systems, there are several other levels of elected judiciaries within the State court of Ohio. 

 The State court of claims, which possesses jurisdiction over all civil actions against the state og Ohio in situations where the state has waived its sovereign immunity.

Furthermore, the State courts of appeal, comprised of 12 district appeals courts) acts as the state’s intermediate appellate court system.

Ohio’s judiciary system possesses a county court system for common pleas. Ohio contains 88 county common pleas courts; these are the principal courts of first instance for all civil and criminal matters. In more populated areas of the state, there are typically several divisions, such as a juvenile, general, probate court system. Additionally, the family court, which hears all domestic relations suits, is governed within this system.

Municipal courts and courts of Ohio are used to primarily handle minor matters, such as traffic adjudication and other misdemeanor issues, including small claims hearings.  If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Ohio lawyers.

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