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Facts About the State Court of Florida

Facts About the State Court of Florida

Florida State Court Defined:
 The State Court of Florida refers to the governing body that handles and regulates all legality issues within the state. 
In the United States, each territory is governed by the Federal laws of the United States’ government; however, each state maintains governing authority for all issues that occur within the state’s parameters.
 Florida is governed as a constitutional republic with three distinct branches of government. The Florida state court system possesses an executive branch, which consists of the Governor of Florida and the other appointed and elected constitutional officers; a legislative branch (also known as the Florida State Legislature), which consists of the Senate and the House; and the judicial branch consisting of the Supreme Court of Florida and the lower court systems of the state.
Florida allows direct participation of the electorate by referendum, ratification and initiative. 
 The State court Florida system, maintains the government established and operated according to the Florida Constitution. The Florida Constitution defines the basic operations and structures of the local government, and its coordinating responsibilities, duties, powers, as well as establishes the basic law of the state and guarantees various rights and freedoms to its people.
As stated before, the State court of Florida is divided among three branches of government; the state delegates non-exclusive power to the local municipality and county governments. That being said, home-rule charters may be established which provide local autonomy over the operation and structure of the aforementioned governments.